September 28, 2023

CogNeed at Webhelp Enterprise's Future of Sales Congress


Honored to have been able to showcase CogNeed at Webhelp Enterprise's Future of Sales Congress!

A thrilling day on innovation in inside sales, talents' attraction & retainment. Very inspiring!

What we learned from our 3 break-out sessions:
🔎 Interest in augmented agent capabilities is skyrocketing with 60+ participants to our demonstrations.
🧠 Decision-makers are implementing AI in their contact centers (from 24% to 45% in 2 years).
📞 4 customers out of 6 still favor the phone for communication.

If you want to learn more about CogNeed, our use cases and our augmented agent AI capabilities, register to our follow-up webinars with Webhelp Enterprise & Concentrix :

Thank you Julie Cadalen, Miroslava Mihaleva & ETIENNE TURION for the opportunity, can't wait for what comes next!

Alfons Cornella Alice Coatalem Erwan Demont Colin Browne Eva Domínguez (PhD) Javier Vela Letícia Ange Pozza Mateu Hernandez Maluquer Tobias Haug Jerome Colin Julio Jolin Nora Boros Robin Jakobsen Monti Becker Kelly Concentrix

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