The first real-time conversational assistant for your sales and customer support teams

An operational assistant, truly at the service of the agents and not just their managers.

CogNeed AI™ provides the right information at the right time, not after the call, once the conversation is over.

Users keep a hand in judging how best to integrate this information into the customer conversation.

A safety net that allows users to gain confidence and assertiveness, and to concretely improve their performance.

A solution designed for real-time

CogNeed AI™ is designed to be leveraged during phone conversations.

Its impact does not depend on the implementation of a call analysis and coaching process, which consumes time and resources.

The detection occurs live, during the conversation and the recommendation is displayed in milliseconds.

The information is integrated immediately, when it brings value, and the impact is immediate!

A customizable solution, tuned to
your problems and jargon

CogNeed AI™ integrates your marketing messages, training tools, knowledge bases and processes.

We support you in selecting useful information for your teams during their conversations.

Our conversational intelligence is able to process and recognize the specific jargon of your company: names of products, solutions, competitors...

We set up a collaborative process to identify and disseminate your employees' best practices.

A solution that really takes GDPR into account

CogNeed AI™ does not require phone conversation recording.

Our conversational intelligence can be restricted, if you choose to, to only process your employee's voice and its reformulations.

CogNeed AI™ protects your personal data, and only keeps what is strictly necessary for the solution.

Les bénéfices

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Guide your teams in customer's needs discovery by suggesting relevant qualification questions.

Need discovery

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Help your teams respond to objections in real time, by providing proven and A/B testable formulations.

Objection handling

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Allows your teams to focus on the commercial relationship rather than preparing calls and searching for information.

Call Time

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Helps your teams differentiate and compare your offers, products and services from those of your competitors.


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Accelerate the onboarding of your teams and reduce training time upon your offers, products and services.

Training Time

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Available immediately as a standalone web extension or via integration with your CRM or CTI.

Universal Interface

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Improves the productivity and efficiency of your agents by giving them the right arguments at the right time and generates sales growth.

Sales Growth

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Standardizes and consolidates all the documentation needed by your teams during their phone calls.

Consolidate collaterals

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Allows you to visualize the adoption and actual use of company messages, and to obtain feedback on their effectiveness.

Monitor Conversations

Switch to real-time
conversational intelligence.

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teams performances

It is very interesting on specific subjects on which we don't always have all the knowledge.


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conversation quality

CogNeed helps a lot, now I have a permanent reminder, I've gained autonomy

lila - service client

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time saver

Thanks to CogNeed, I avoid putting customers on hold and am able to manage tickets faster.

pascal - biz dev

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easy to use

CogNeed works like a charm. The interface is realy simple and doesn't take too much space on the screen.

robert - service client

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